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Greensboro Social Security Disability Law Firm

Many working people struggle for a long time with physical or mental impairments and sometimes it just gets to be too much; they just can’t work any longer. However, when they apply for social security disability, they may be shocked to find out they are denied. In fact, that is not so surprising because upwards of 65 percent of applicants are turned down. Learn the best way to maximize your chances for success either on initial application or appeal.

The Process
The first thing to understand is that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has very specific rules and regulations on how it determines disability. The type of evidence the SSA is looking for, from whom it looks to for that evidence and the manner in which it arrives at its conclusions have all been established in a myriad of written statutes and decisions in court cases. A Greensboro Social Security Disability Law Firm can explain that many applicants are rejected merely on the basis of an improperly submitted application.

Avenues of Appeal
The good news is that the SSA offers one who has been denied benefits the opportunity to appeal. Even better are the statistics of appeals; about 50 percent who appeal are awarded benefits and the numbers are significantly higher for those represented by a Greensboro social security disability law office.

The Importance of Documentation
No claim for disability, no matter how valid or well-presented, has any chance of approval if the facts are not available for the SSA to review. The medical evidence from the health care professionals, especially your treating physician, is essential in establishing your medical condition. As important is a showing that you faithfully followed the recommendations made. And perhaps most vital is your communicating to the SSA how your impairments impact your life; you are the only one who can really explain what you can and cannot do.

Contact a Greensboro Social Security Disability Law Office for Legal Advice
The disability system is complex and the application process arduous. Don’t go it alone. Call The Bridgman Law Offices at (336) 365-4530 or toll free at (888) 632-9912.

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disability lawyer greensboro nc
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